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I am a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Central Florida. I love sharing all of my recent photos as well as wedding planning advice, education for photographers, my sweet little family, and some of the behind the scenes of my business. Thanks for stopping by, have fun exploring my little corner of the internet! 





I'm Rachel.

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For Photographers

August 22, 2019

Learn DSLR Manual Settings with free cheat sheet

Manual Photography Cheat Sheet Freebie Are you discouraged by Automatic Camera Settings? I remember what it feels like to feel discouraged by my camera. Walking out of a book store with another $100 photography book trying to learn Photoshop. I wanted the blurry background in my images and I thought you had to edit it […]

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For Photographers

July 9, 2019

How I use $30 Macro Filters to photograph the ring and wedding details

I was contemplating getting a new lens to achieve the look that I wanted for my detail shots. I started doing research and ended up finding that Macro Filters existed. Macro filters are small magnifying glass filters that attach to the front of your lens and allow you lens to become a macro lens! There […]

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For Photographers

August 15, 2018

How To Edit iphone Images | Tampa, Florida

Have you ever looked at someone’s instagram feed and thought, how do they do it? How are their images so bright and fun? You settle with saying that they probably have a professional camera and that’s how they are doing it. But I am telling you something….some of my images on social media ARE TAKEN WITH MY IPHONE! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Yes, I am here to share my editing process with you because I want to see your photos speak! I want your feed to be a creative and inspiring place for others! Let’s be honest, dark, grainy images are for the flip phone days. But we have all snapped those dark images and thought, man! I wish I could photograph this experience and show people how much fun I had in the moment. I’m here to tell you it can be done, with a few tweaks and $2.99.  If you’re interested, keep scrolling…and if you learn anything from this post, please post your images with the hashtag #rlpmentoring so I can see your edits! 


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