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I am a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based in Central Florida. I love sharing all of my recent photos as well as wedding planning advice, education for photographers, my sweet little family, and some of the behind the scenes of my business. Thanks for stopping by, have fun exploring my little corner of the internet! 





I'm Rachel.

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For Brides

June 12, 2019

7 Tips for Wedding Planning

7 tips to help you as you plan your wedding!

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For Brides

April 26, 2017

7 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Photographer

At every consultation I show up with the expectation of answering any questions the bride and groom have thought up. I thought it would be helpful to piece together all the frequently asked questions I receive so that brides can think through these questions as they consider what some of the things they may not have thought of in regards to their wedding photography.  Each photographer provides different services, style and way of doing business so it’s important to discuss these things with your photographer so you both are on the same page about what to expect and if you will be a good fit for one another.


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